Rainy Season Is Here

15 Jun

Rainy season in Tobago seems to have officially started today! The last few days were almost unbearably hot and I was warned to quit my complaining about the heat. I’m already regretting it.

I ventured out this morning to Scarborough (the capital), luckily with an umbrella in tow. Just moments before arriving ‘in town’ a few spots began to drop onto the windscreen of the taxi. It seemed like nano seconds before it turned into a torrential downpour that coincided with my taxi journey ending and its resultant exit into the wet weather.  It was at this point that I stopped congratulating myself for being prepared enough to take the umbrella and realised that despite feeling like a local I am still quite clearly a tourist. My slippers (local terminology for flip flops) did not serve me well as I dived for shelter under an awning at the port terminal building. I did well not to put myself into the local hospital – a place avoided by even the locals (and the hospital staff)!  Tobago is not a particularly litigious country so the lethal glossy, tiled pavements are not flagged up with caution signs and why would they be?  Hell, don’t forget you can still buy fish on the roadside here from vendors with no licences or running water!  Not for much longer though! More on that later this week……


One Response to “Rainy Season Is Here”

  1. Claire Cox June 15, 2011 at 11:00 am #

    Glad the umbrella came in handy, do you want it again today!!!

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